Virtual Reality


Since its inception in Germany back in 1994, Foresee Car Design has always strived for an optimized design workflow and optimal design lead time. To achieve this Foresee Car Design pioneered the implementation of Alias-Wavefront 3d software combined with Fractal Painter and Adobe Photoshop to achieve an 85 reduction in lead time back then.

From this time onward Foresee Car Design have kept up with developments and evaluated any emerging technology on its merits of achieving a more optimized workflow and reduce the design lead time even more. Foresee Car Design experimented with Virtual Reality with its unique 3D Display System pioneered at the 1996 Turin International Motor Show.

With the emergence of Oculus-Rift, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR and the like, Foresee Car Design have executed a lot of projects for its clients using the latest VR technologies, to help visualize the design proposals in the most realistic way possible for a better decision making as well as to motivate investor stimulus.

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