Foresee Car Design Launches the Car Design School on Patreon

All you ever wanted to know about Car Design and shouldn’t be afraid to ask!

All throughout his career as a car designer, Cor Steenstra has been helping young car design enthusiasts find out more about the profession and giving them tips and insights. After producing the the DaMert Professional Car Designer Kit Steenstra set up the Foresee Online Car Design School back in the early 2004. Now, 20 years later the Foresee Car Design School is launching on Patreon.

Primarily aimed at students in the Middle- to High-School age groups, the school aims to provide insights into the real profession of automotive design. There are currently 9 written lessons available for download in the “shop”, lessons which tackle areas from sketching and rendering through to technical knowledge, marketing and branding insights as well as project creation and execution. Each lesson ends with homework to do before endeavoring on the next lesson. These lessons can be individually purchased even without joining the school.

The main part of the school is set up in membership levels, just like High School 4 levels ranging from Freshman through to Senior. Each level focuses on a specific area of development, starting out with the

  • Freshman level students will be developing their creativity and insight into automotive requirements through sketches to bring their ideas to paper. Sketches start simply with pen or pencil on paper.
  • The second level (Sophomore) concentrates on developing perspectives, thinking about packaging layouts and car usage and ultimately adding some markers to emphasize the volumes and enhance the design ideas.
  • The third level (Junior) will take that gained knowledge further to develop renderings in traditional media as well as using the various digital media available. The intention here is to be able to convincingly present design ideas in the best possible way to management and persuade major costly decisions in the preferred directions.
  • The Senior level will add to all of this knowledge by teaching 3D modeling as well as 3D photo-realistic images and videos as well as virtual reality and mixed reality presentations, using industry-standard software.

All of these should enable a student to find out if they have what it takes to be come a car designer, and help them prepare a convincing portfolio to successfully enroll in a Bachelor and Master’s of Design course at the various colleges around the world.

There are lots of videos already available in the various levels and this collection will be expanded over time. Ultimately there will be video courses for various categories of cars, trucks and other forms of transportation, covering all elements of a total design process from sketch to digital model.