Zero Emission High Speed Luxury Limousine

Limousine_Monaco_002sIn the market of luxury limousines it has been a habit to just take a current production vehicle, lengthen the chassis and put a horizontal extension between the front door and the rear door. Dominant were the Lincolns, but nowadays the Chrysler 300, the Hummer H2 and various others are rearing there not so pretty heads as well. Status: NONE.

We wanted to see if we could push that into a new category that would provide a unique, modern and attractive design and combine that with the need for green and clean, and add a heavy dose of user friendliness and practicality in the mix. The outcome is this sleek 9 seater vehicle with a central driving position, 3 axis of which 2 are driven in the rear by the strong electric engines. The gull-wing doors are not only really cool looking, but provide ease of access and egress for the passengers.Inside the passenger will find seats with reversible seat backs so they can either be all facing one direction, or opt to face each other to provide ease of group travel with much more interaction.

The extensive stack of batteries in the rear provide ample energy for the engines to cover vast distances in quiet and comfort.

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