My New Pluralsight Course: Sketching a Sports Car using Autodesk Alias


After having ran the Foresee Online Car Design School since 2000, I have now teamed up with Pluralsight to build a complete series of car design courses on video. The first one of the series is about sketching cars using our beloved Autodesk Alias software.

Although it does explain the how to use certain parts of the software for this task, it also explains the whole sketching and ideation process we normally go through while designing a car. As such this course can be watched for actual users of the Autodesk Alias software as well as users of any other drawing software, and indeed people who just draw on paper.

Pluralsight have made an introductory video:

Make your dreams come true and learn from the pros how you can create a sports car using Autodesk Alias. You’ll learn about the Alias Paint Workflow, specific car design considerations, and how to sculpt your 3D model.

Ever wanted to design your own sports car? Well, now you can. In this course, Sketching a Sports Car Using Autodesk Alias, you’ll learn how to use Autodesk Alias to create the vehicle of your dreams. While getting you acquainted with the Autodesk Alias interface, professional car designer Cornelis Steenstra will help you open up your creative mind and introduce you to the various aspects of designing a car. You’ll learn about the Alias Paint Workflow and interface and how to draw basic shapes such as lines and ovals, all in perspective. Next, you’ll move onto considerations specific to car design, such as the occupants and technologies you want to incorporate. Finally, you’ll discover how to make an aerodynamic, functional, and aesthetically-pleasing 3D sculpture as well as define your design concept. By the end of this course, you will know how to use Autodesk Alias to design fantastic cars that you could eventually bring to life.

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I’ve also filmed a video explaining a bit more about my background and the course as well:

I hope you will enjoy it.

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