Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year in Virtual Reality 3D 360 degrees!

2015_Christmas_VR-00001Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year, from me personally as well as from http://www.4c-foresee.com, http://www.cardesigntv.com and http://www.CORrozzeria.com.

Having been experimenting using Virtual Reality through an Occulus Rift earlier, I was quite keen to try and find if I can create imagery in Virtual Reality for use without being connected through cables to a computer. The Google Virtual Reality CardBoard devices allow this through use of people’s personal phones, so a wider adaptation range is possible.

This video animation can be best viewed in the YouTube App, or on the YouTube web site itself, in up to 4K resolution in 360 Virtual Reality with Google Cardboard and similar Virtual Reality viewers. This means installing your smart phone into one of the very affordable devices, like the ViewMaster VR, available at any toy store or at Amazon. On your computer you can get an impression by using the highest display setting you can achieve, and then use your mouse or the icon on the top left to move the screen from left to right or up and down. Make sure you check if YouTube plays at the highest resolution possible though. It is a 4K animation so on any smart phone you should get at least full HD view, any recent monitor should get up to full 4K display output.


The models of the Ford GT were purchased from Turbosquid and subsequently adjusted to my liking. The Ford related products were used solely to experiment with Autodesk VRED software and it’s ability to produce imagery for use with Google Virtual Reality products. The trademarks FORD®, FORD SCRIPT®, FORD SCRIPT IN OVAL®, FORD OFFICIAL LICENSED PRODUCT® or trade dress of vehicles produced by Ford Motor Company are owned exclusively by Ford Motor Company. I acknowledge and agree that Ford Motor Company owns all right, title, and interest in and to the trademarks FORD®, FORD SCRIPT®, FORDSCRIPT IN OVAL®, FORD OFFICIAL LICENSED PRODUCT® or trade dress of vehicles produced by Ford Motor Company (collectively the “Ford Properties”). I further acknowledge and agree that you shall have no claim of ownership in the Ford Properties and shall not seek to enforce any right against Ford Motor Company or against any third party based on the Ford Properties in any forum for any purpose. https://support.turbosquid.com/entries/84110368

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